43 New And Upcoming Comic-Book TV Shows: Which Will Triumph?

All the latest news about comics-based TV shows just arriving or not yet on the small screen.

This is almost certainly the Golden Age of Comics Television. The days when comic-book fans had only one or two adaptations to look forward to are a distant memory. Now we can play favorites between Flash, Agent Carter and The Walking Dead, just to pick three excellent representatives of shows with comics genealogy. And Gotham, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are also programs that exist! Tons more "comics television" has reached the planning stages, but which shows will actually stick or even make it to air? Television producers are noticeably hesitant to say when a project might be dead, because it pays to keep projects in reserve even if they seem to be stuck in some phase of development hell. Still, this means some fans of indie comics have had their hopes toyed with for ages-- we've set a generous wait time of eighteen months before we stop regarding TV projects as going concerns. Which projects are likely to succeed, which are likely to stick around, and which will probably never be heard from again?

43. Global Frequency

Pitch: The Global Frequency is a privately funded group that uses worldwide crowdsourcing to solve crimes the police cannot. Latest News: While the series had a pilot order from Fox, to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, there is now good reason to believe it's dead (see below). Odds Of Success: Infinitesimal. This one doesn't really qualify as "upcoming," although Reddit hasn't given up on it yet. Bleeding Cool reported the pilot was dead at the script stage six months ago, and while BC is not always a reliable source, no one has reported anything else about this series since. Even without that news, a 2002-2004 comic book about the future of the Internet would've seemed like pretty dated source material.

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