5 Best & 5 Worst US TV Remakes

With Only Fools and Horses currently making the jump to US screens, WhatCulture takes a look at the 5 best and 5 worst US TV remakes.

For years, the UK and the US have swapped TV formats around as a simple way of gaining new ideas and building on established successes. Just recently we€™ve seen HBO and Armando Iannucci putting a presidential spin on The Thick of It with Veep, while John Leguizamo is all set for a cushty role as Del Boy in an upcoming remake of Only Fools and Horses. While many UK to US remakes have managed to successfully avoid being lost in translation, others have sadly proved that sometimes you simply can€™t recapture the same magic twice. Join us as we take a look at the 5 best and the 5 worst, US TV remakes.

The Best

5. Shameless When it was first announced that Paul Abbot€™s gritty council estate drama was making the jump to the US, no one could quite believe how any remake could successfully replicate the same mix of kitchen-sink drama and depraved humour. Thankfully, with Paul Abbot on board as a producer, as well as the freedom to be as offensive as possible on Showtime, the US remake of Shameless turned out better than most fans had initially imagined. Keeping the working class roots of the UK show in check, Shameless US sees the Gallagher family moved from Manchester to Chicago€™s Canaryville neighborhood, still scraping their way through a life of squalor and poverty. Replacing David Threlfall as the alcoholic patriarch Frank Gallagher is the excellent William H. Macy - delivering an enjoyably different take on the character. Shameless US has recently been renewed for its third season and continues to earn positive critical reception and numerous awards.

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