5 Best Love, Death And Robots Episodes

Everything from space exploration to Hitler being killed by a jelly cannon...

Love Death And Robots

Netflix has quickly advanced from humble internet streaming service to one of the world's leading producers of cutting edge TV series. In recent times, it has gifted the world of entertainment with some of the most memorable and talked about series around (and other less memorable ones too). However, the emergence of Love Death and Robots had an impact few other shows have matched.

This innovative and mind blowing show pushes the viewers imagination to the extreme with each episode. Every episode is completely distinct compared to the others, with no consistent story line or characters stringing between each one. A variety of animation styles are also incorporated into the show, with some sketch animation being thrown in alongside the stunning computer graphic animations.

Although every episode of Love, Death and Robots is great in its own unique way, this article will highlight the five best episodes that have come from the TV series so far, ranging from gory sci-fi to wacky comedy.

5. Alternative Histories

Love Death And Robots Beyond The Aquila Rift

As one of the show's more comical episodes, 'Alternative Histories' clocks in at just eight minutes long but is packed with humour and imagination. In this episode, a fictional computer programme is used to change events in history and see how they would affect the course of time.

The possibilities for this episode are already endless and an entire show could probably be constructed around this premise. But, the historical event that's chosen is 'what if Hitler died young?'. Six possible outcomes are explored in the brief episode, ranging from generally plausible outcomes to the outright insane.

These deaths include Hitler being suffocated by an experimental jelly cannon belonging to the USSR, Hitler being crushed by a horse drawn carriage and time travellers causing a fracture in the space time continuum meaning squids become the lead intelligent beings of planet Earth. Oh yeah, and he also dies of a heart attack during a sex party.


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