5 Best Top Gear Races

topgeartrain Top Gear is immensely popular. So popular in fact, that the show no longer advertises what happens in each episode as they know people will tune in regardless. Where before the opening credits would proudly announce the latest achievements, challenges and supercars that would be featured in a particular episode, now with its 20th series being broadcast, they have been replaced with the likes of "Richard points at a mini-bus, and James shakes hands with two men." In a follow up to my previous article, the 5 Best Top Gear Challenges, this time I am taking a look at another hugely popular feature of the show, the races. Whilst highly entertaining, the challenges are constructed for the enjoyment of the audience, with obvious gags inserted here and there to add to the comedy. The races on the other hand, are all about the tension. Tension that has been created throughout Europe, but also in Japan, and most recently New Zealand. Tension that comes from car vs. car, car vs. train, and even car vs. rock climbers. Here though, are a selection of five races that comprise the closest, most idealistic, and dare I say most relevant of them all.
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