5 Cancelled TV Shows That Got Given A Reprieve

serenity Let's face it: everyone has their favorite television shows. Some of them are fantastic, some of them are not quite so good. Sooner or later, every television show goes by the wayside. However, there have been rare occurrences where through rabid fandom or a collaboration of circumstances that beloved television series have been revived to live again. Some of these may have not been resurrected on television, though all but one of these was indeed brought back to its original form. Yet all of them experienced brand new life thanks to its fans, or a network being willing to give it a second chance. In addition, I should make one note that these are not listed in any specific order, though they are numbered 5-1. These just happen to all be shows I enjoy watching and therefore I chose a random order to place them. So, here are 5 TV shows which were brought back to life...

5. Futurama

show_mainimg_futurama You know, I find it kind of humorous that Matt Groening has two shows that will appear on two separate lists on these kinds of websites. The Simpsons will frequently pop up on people's lists of shows which need to be mercifully killed off. Then there will be Futurama, which will pop on lists like the one I'm writing here, about shows which were killed off and eventually brought back to life. I grew up watching the Simpsons. I believe Matt Groening's tale of yellow Springfieldians has provided years and years of quality television entertainment. However, when the tale of a young pizza delivery boy he was accidentally cryogenically frozen and unthawed in the future hit the airwaves, the Simpsons took a backseat. Still in the same car, and still very much loved, but oh goodness I sure was in love with Futurama. Futurama always remained the social commentary that the Simpsons drifted away from over the years. I mean, when I was a freshman in college, my intro to sociology professor showed us the Bureaucracy episode of Futurama because she believed it was the best way to approach the topic at hand. This was at one of the most prestigious public universities in the US, so to me that is very high praise of the show. Unfortunately, the show was on Fox, and they have a tendency to drop shows like a bad habit, regardless of how awesome they are. Or how loved. So sadly, Futurama was cancelled after a few seasons. However, DVD sales and reruns showed the popularity of the show, and after a few direct to DVD movies, Comedy Central resurrected the show for its Adult Swim brand. Once again, the Planet Express crew is back in business and it is a beautiful thing.
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