5 Darkest BoJack Horseman Theories

BoJack fans making theories! What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out!


BoJack Horseman is one of the darkest shows going, with central themes of depression, loneliness, and failure at its heart, and previous plot threads dealing with addiction, death, childhood abuse, statutory rape, and sexuality. However, seeing as it’s also one of the most layered and nuanced shows on television, it’s attracted a lot of speculation and fan theories.

This list isn’t dealing with Season 6, necessarily, although there is still room for some to come true and be explored in upcoming seasons. Mainly though, it’s taking a look at background details, foreshadowed hints and the general world building to offer an even deeper insight into what the lore might be.

Most shows have various theories, often involving the central character being dead or in a coma and imagining the whole thing. That particular one doesn’t feature here (though the tinfoil hatters could probably make a case for it), but it’s certainly true that BoJack pays more attention to the little details than most, so theories are to be expected.

With that in mind, while these theories are definitely dark, none of them are so outrageous that they fundamentally change the character arcs or storylines in order to make.


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