5 Modern Sci-Fi Shows As Understood By Someone Who Reads WAY Too Much Into Them

4. X- Files - Governments Lie To The People When The Truth Would Be Easier

X Files Wallpaper 3 By Solidalexei

X-Files is probably my favorite show on this list, despite it being one of the cheesiest and most poorly executed shows to ever gain such popularity. Watching some of the early episodes is almost painful when compared to the polished product we get in the last season, season 7. And, before you try to tell me there were 9 seasons, I want to make it clear that this entry is only about the first 7 seasons, which were the original story. Everything after season 7 is c**p and I hate it. Unlike the other series in this list, X-Files might not have intentionally created this underlying meaning. It's altogether likely that the meaning just came from the story as it was being fleshed out, and that the more the style grew, the more entrenched in the meaning the series became. If you haven't ever taken the entire month it would consume to watch every episode of the X-Files, it isn't actually about chasing monsters, like most people think. Instead, the show is the story of the relentless pursuit of the truth about aliens visiting Earth. However, if the show was about a guy walking in the woods with a "please abduct me shirt" on it wouldn't be all that entertaining. So, to keep the pace suspenseful, and action packed when needed, the producer Chris Carter placed the U.S. government in between the truth and the main characters. The result was a world in which even the most life threatening situations were not divulged to the general populace, because governments are jerks. It didn't matter if the world was threatened by a plague, if a trash monster was killing people for not mowing their lawn, or if an alien invasion had already begun in secret. Nope. The government was going to fold their arms, put on their oversized sunglasses, and shake their heads. It's kind of sadly true in the modern United States.

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