5 Most Memorable Friends Guest Stars

bruce willis friends Long finished television sitcom Friends continues to impress and amuse audiences with its unbelievable ensemble cast, hilarious moments, and borderline insane characters. The show is currently syndicated on Nick@Nite and TBS, in the US (Comedy Central in the UK) and it proves to be as durable today as it was during its ten year run from 1994 to 2004. The show mainly focused on obsessive compulsive Monica Geller and her friends: quirky yet beautiful Phoebe Buffay, formerly rich and snobby Rachel Green, awkward and misunderstood Chandler Bing, geeky but caring Ross Geller, and attractive yet misinformed Joey Tribbiani. Although these characters were the main attraction, there were certain guest stars that made a very heavy impact on the show. The following five names that will be mentioned were absolutely unforgettable characters.

5. Reece Witherspoon As Jill Green

reese on friends Reece Witherspoon guest starred on Friends for one episode during the sixth season, in which she played Rachel Green's ditsy and spoiled younger sister Jill. Most viewers would remember the scene in which Jill went shopping with their father's credit card against Rachel's wishes, and Phoebe and Ross make their best attempt to cover for her. Another memorable moment was when Rachel told Jill that the outfit she was going to wear on her date with Ross was, "a little slutty." In response, Jill claimed, "I borrowed it from you." Rachel then proclaimed assuredly that she, herself, is a slut. Jill was known to be quite conniving, especially when she decided to date Ross, whom at the time (and at many other points in the show) she really wanted to be with. It was definitely a treat to meet one of Rachel's sisters, who seemed to be a carbon copy of what Rachel was at the beginning of the series.

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