5 Popular TV Shows That Really Need To Be Cancelled

Sheldon Crying Much like fascist dictators, sometimes a TV show is better off dead. Sometimes the show was never that good and yet manages to have an incredible amount of staying power, like all 100 years of Family Guy we've had or the fact that there's way more than one Transformers movie. Sometimes they've been on for far too long, and, like your childhood pet that has been around long enough to see you get your driver's license, it might be better if they just called it quits and went to the Great Cable Station in the Sky. No one can ever really pin down what it is exactly that saves a show or gets it cancelled (pandering to idiots who leave CBS on to make sure the cats don't feel lonely seems to be the trick to staying on the air). But what I personally can pin down is which shows need to get the axe before it's too late. Here's a simple list of five.

5. Glee

Glee The worst part about Glee needing to be euthanized is that Glee was once one of the most enjoyable shows on television. Detailing the lives of a mismatched glee club in rural Ohio, the show was once full of wonderful dance numbers and some rich characterization, and was an absolute delight to watch week after week. Great talent used to come on board to play. Neil Patrick Harris made a very notable appearance in Season 1. In an episode directed by Joss Whedon no less! But now... I don't know. The show just lost its spark. Everything that made the show entertaining at first got cranked up to eleven and became obnoxious and almost unwatchable. Every character became a cartoon version of their former selves, acting more like Bugs Bunny was dressing up as them than like actual people. And the constant gay rights issues became a real problem. Don't mishear me: I'm all for gay rights. But when every episode of your show is about gay rights, and a whole fourth of your glee club just sort of comes out of the closet with little or no ado, it just becomes a disjointed mess. Fox, do us all a favor and cancel this puppy before I forget the first season ever happened.

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