5 Reasons NBC's Dracula Should Have A Second Season

Much like the man himself, will the series rise again from seeming death?

NBC's Dracula has caused quite a stir; the series pilot received a negative critical onslaught but has sparked a giant online craze. Critics such as The Independent and USA Today described the series as dull and complained that none of the characters were worth rooting for. The ratings weren't great to start with, but as the series pushed on it gained an ever-growing loyal fan base, that are now fighting tooth and nail for a renewal. Although it doesn't follow the traditional Bram Stoker storyline, Dracula (2013) has brought Victorian vampirism into the twentieth century and out of stuffy business deals. Instead of being a property sleuth, Dracula is posing as Alexander Grayson, an American scientist who deals with energy and light. However, Grayson's real agenda is to take down an ancient order that cursed him with immortality centuries earlier. It just so happens that the leaders of this secret society all make their money from industrial business. So if he succeeds he'll kill two birds with one stone €“ a monopoly on all wealthy industries and have his revenge. The snag is of course Mina Murray; he falls hopelessly in love with her because she is the spitting image of his dead wife. The final episode of season one cleverly left audiences with burning questions, and the show has us demanding more than one lousy season. Draculovers (for that's what we're called) have taken to their keyboards and made an online petition urging the writers to make another season, and if they are reading this, here are the top 5 reasons they should renew Dracula.
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