5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Walking Dead Ride At Universal Studios

The zombie apocalypse just got real.

The Walking Dead ride
Universal Studios/AMC

Admit it, you've screamed your way through a haunted house before. You may have passed it off as an 'enthusiastic shout' to save face, but you were scared. But your standard haunted houses are becoming a thing of the past, with theme parks offering whole new ways of terrifying you. Universal are about to take things to the next level.

The Walking Dead ride will opening this summer at Universal Studios Hollywood for a 365 days-a-year thrill, following the success of its seasonal Halloween nights. The attraction will be housed in a brand new, purpose-built structure, and looks set to be a game-changer when it comes to to shaking up traditional horror rides.

Details are slowly beginning to surface with regards to what the ride will actually be, so here are the things we're most excited about...

5. Practical Effects

The Walking Dead ride

This won't be any old zombie ride. You're not going to walk around the corner and find a man in a cheap mask, you're going to find walkers fresh from the streets of Georgia and beyond, with director and special effects makeup wiz Greg Nicotero's team designing the prosthetics for the ride using original moulds.

The team will be creating stunning and realistic designs for each 'walker', with a combination of live actors and animatronics coming together to play an integral part in the attraction. 


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