5 Soul Crushingly Sad Fry Moments From Futurama

Jurassic Bark Futurama Ten years after creating one of the most recognized television families of all time, Matt Groening and company introduced us to a new kind of animated series. Futurama had a few similarities to The Simpsons. They both aired Sunday nights on Fox. The type of design and animation were similar. They even contained the same pop-culture referencing humor that has become synonymous with current generation comedies such as South park and Family Guy. Although they shared a few similarities, Futurama was very different from The Simpsons. The Simpsons was and will always be one of Fox's most beloved and successful series. Futurama may never reach that status, but it will go down as one of the funniest and original programs that Fox had the audacity to cancel after only four (almost five) seasons. Luckily after a successful string of straight to DVD releases, Comedy Central resurrected the cult series for four more seasons. With the final episode airing this week, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit some of the things that made Futurama the underappreciated heartwarming show that it is. Starting with some of the soul crushingly sad moments from the shows impressive seven-season run that spanned over fourteen years. The series finale of Futurama airs on Comedy Central this Wednesday at 10 pm
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