5 Things We Loved About The Following

tv show the following The first episode of The Following was met with much anticipation and speculation. Before it aired, I think most of us were hopeful it would succeed, but in order to do so it had to answer many questions before it won us over. Would Kevin Bacon be able to make the transition from the underrated film star he is to lead actor in a TV series? Does Kevin Williamson still possess the creative edge and original ideas to build a challenging thriller? Will James Purefoy be convincing as a genius/madman? Well what do you think? Were most of these questions answered in the first episode with positives? I think they were and I will definitely be returning to see how the drama unfolds in episode two. Here are five reasons why:

5. Maggie Grace€™s Early Exit

maggie grace the following Maggie Grace has done well since her Lost days. She€™s turned in decent performances in Taken 2 as well as the impressive action/sci-fi Lockout. I didn€™t realise she was in The Following until she turned up as most of the build-up revolved around Bacon and Purefoy. I was looking forward to seeing how her victimised character would evolve through the series so it was a genuine surprise to see her character, Sarah Fuller, be killed in the first episode. Although it was a shame, it did display a boldness by the creators which tells us the story could veer off in any direction at any point. Let€™s hope the series continues to surprise us with more character and plot twists each and every week.

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