5 Times Black Mirror Came True

4. Robotic Bees

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This one might be somewhat our own fault for not looking after the natural bee population. We've ruined it all.

The feature-length finale to season three centres around the theme of vigilante justice. Public figures who have said controversial things, or just generally been an inflammatory idiot are publicly and brutally killed off throughout the episode. The weapon of choice? Swarms of hijacked mechanised bees.

Now there's no suggestion here that they could be used to summarily execute everyone with a controversial opinion but robotic bees do exist. A team of scientists in Japan have invented the mechanised pollinators in an attempt to make up for the lack of real bees.

Admittedly they don't look very much like real bees, and they're nowhere near the level of the robotic death dealers in Black Mirror, but don't be surprised if there are plans in place to make them more realistic. Something something Nicholas Cage. Something something not the bees.

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