5 TV Characters That Became Increasingly Annoying

4. Jake Harper

I find it very interesting the development Two and a Half Men has had since it started. If you watched the first and the latest seasons back to back you would swear they were 2 different series altogether. What started as a fun, family comedy about the life of a grown and shallow man learning how to become a better person quickly became into a repetitive (albeit still funny) series about an obnoxious douchebag and its parasitical brother. Probably the biggest example of this is on the character of Jake Harper. At the beginning of the series he was a sweet and lovely child who still had much to learn about the world that surrounds him who pretty much was teaching Charlie how to have a meaningful life, however as time came by the writers (for some reason) felt that his character already had enough development and decided it would be much easier to turn him into a walking "stupid teenagers" joke. The same joke we've seen over a million times and much better executed in other TV shows but somehow even more annoying.
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