5 TV Stars Brutally Killed Off When They Tried To Leave

4. Isaac Hayes - South Park

South Park Chef Death

Hello there, children! How's it goin'? Bad? Why bad? Isaac Hayes' Chef character in South Park was pretty much the role model character for the four foul-mouthed fourth graders in South Park, a teacher to them in a school mainly taught by incompetent teachers. Always there to give advice (which often involved making sweet love down by the fire), cook lunch, help the boys with their hair brained schemes and even just play ball down by Stark's Pond, Chef was a universal fan favorite, which came as a shock when we found out in 2006 that Isaac Hayes was... a Scientologist? The infamous "Trapped in the Closet" episode with Tom Cruise didn't just piss off, well Tom Cruise. Hayes, a devout Scientologist himself, threatened to quit if the show made it to air. Now that most of us are still quoting the infamous "come out of the closet" jokes 7 years later, it's safe to say that Hayes lost that battle and left the studio on bad terms. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, being who they are, performed fair game on the Scientologist, returning Chef in the next season's premiere by using clips of Hayes' voice from previous episodes under the guise of being brainwashed by the so-called "Super Adventure Club," a group of child molesters. When Chef tries to escape, he is killed after falling off a bridge, being impaled on a tree branch and ripped apart by wild animals, a la Kenny McCormick. Hayes died in 2008, crushing any hopes of Chef's return in the form of the Darth Vader of child molesters, resurrected by the Super Adventure Club. Yeah, I forgot to mention that as if the grisly death wasn't enough. Could be worse, it could have been Chuck Lorre instead of Trey and Matt, right?

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