5 Ways Sherlock Has Proved To Be More Human In Season 3

He got drunk, and then told his best mate he loved him at his wedding. How much more human could he get?!

The latest series of Sherlock has been filled with funny episodes that have both made the fans ecstatic and outraged. While viewers may say it takes away from the overall tone of the show, the past two episodes of season three have allowed the viewer to get a different view of Sherlock, a side of him we never expected to see - a human side. We were told for a while that Sherlock would be more human in series three than in previous seasons, and those claims have proven to be completely founded. In two episodes, we€™ve seen compassion come from Sherlock to people we would never expect, a background from his family, and of course the infamous drunk scenes and the best man speech. Before season three, Sherlock only shows us the detective side of him, devoid of empathy and emotion and not caring about how he comes across to other people. Now, after only two episodes, we've seen more depth to Sherlock than ever before. Finally, we can do some deducing about him, and what he hides from the world - his human side.

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