6 Anime With Surprising Life Lessons

Is there anything better than being entertained and learning at the same time?!


Popular entertainment is inundated with political and philosophical messaging, such as acceptance of others, hard work gets results and so forth. Anime is also chock full of such messages, even when it isn’t evident on first glance.

Some are positive, some are negative, some are intentional and some are expressed through how the story is written rather than on purpose. The majority of anime preach the ideals of individualism, hard work and optimism. But is that all that they have to offer?

There are many instances of often overlooked messages within anime. Heck, sometimes the writing of an anime actually contradicts the message it is attempting to make.

Often, as in any media, anime can be a source of inspiration, ideals to live by, new world perspectives and even harsh doses of reality when they are sorely needed. It can be both wonderful and disheartening.

These are but a few of said anime, as there are thousands upon thousands more that have much to offer. In fact, feel free to tell your favourite life lessons from various anime down in the comment section below.

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