6 Best Game Of Thrones Character Pairings (We Never Got To See)

6. Ned Stark And Brienne Of Tarth


There was a long list of potential pairings for Ned, who despite his prominence in the first season doesn't really get a whole lot of interactions outside his family and the upper-echelon of the court at King's Landing.

While Ned is generally seen as an honorable fool, Brienne showcases an equally impressive amount of honor while not allowing that sense of duty to blind her as it does Ned.

Ned is also likely among the characters who would have been most accepting of Brienne's desire to be a great warrior - his sister Lyanna was a notorious tomboy (possibly going as far as competing in tourneys under the pseudonym of "The Laughing Knight"), he encouraged Arya's desire to learn how to effectively wield Needle, and as Warden of the North, he had Bear Island under his domain, which was led by many women throughout its recent history.

On rewatch, some of Ned's most compelling scenes are with Arya, but it would have been fascinating to see how he treated a woman that his daughter would eventually grow up to admire and spar with.


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