6 Characters The Next Breaking Bad Spin-Off Should Focus On

Yeah b***h! Spin-off!


It's been little over a week since the Jesse Pinkman epilogue El Camino debutted on Netflix and despite getting a mixed response from fans as to whether or not it was necessary; it seemed pretty well received.

Coupled with the ever-looming fifth season of Better Call Saul, these two pieces of entertainment have certainly proven there is still a want for more Breaking Bad content.

If season five of Better Call Saul were planned to be the final chapter, the next question would be does creator Vince Gilligan have more plans to extend the Breaking Bad mythology?

With most character arcs closed, it's a question of who to focus on next and where to go? A surprise for fans of the shows would be for not just a different story to be explored, but a genre too. The themes of the franchise as a whole were one of the biggest draws, but there's no harm in playing with the medium a little and showing us the Breaking Bad universe through a different lens.

Better Call Saul has slowly grew from an origin story to a near-direct prequel to the original series (and origin story of Mike and Gus in supporting roles). And with El Camino closing the lid on Jesse's story, fans are left wondering who would be left to shine a spotlight on. Luckily there's a few characters still to tap into.

So let's take a look at a few of these suggestions shall we?

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