6 Other Movies That Would Make Kick-Ass TV Shows After MTV's Scream

Scream TV

After being heavily rumoured in late 2012, MTV have confirmed that they are moving ahead with plans to turn the daddy of the "horror-comedy" slashers, Scream, in to a TV show. The network has ordered a 60-minute pilot to be developed with the aim of it being turned in to a full series if said pilot gets good reviews; the initial news was then followed up by the confirmation that Wes Craven, the director of all four of the Scream movies, is in talks to direct that pilot. It's not too surprising to see MTV move to try and corner part of the "horror TV" market, given the success of American Horror Story. While the network hasn't revealed exactly how the movie will be converted to the smaller scream, if it's successful we could be seeing a lot more TV remakes of films - in some ways, an ironic move given how many cancelled TV Shows have been concluded with a trip to the box office. Which films would have the legs to make it over a full season of episodes though? Here are a few ideas that could fit right in to the realms of possibility; if you have any of your own ideas, then make sure to leave them in the comments!

6. Django Unchained

Django Unchained Tarantino's Western epic might have been one of his longest films, but it also left plenty of gaps that a TV show could help fill in. We only saw brief glimpses of Django and King's time together as bounty hunters, after all - and they also created a whole host of enemies along the way in doing so. Even after the end of the events of the movie, there are a great number of stories you could tell if you just shifted the character focus. The thought of Tarantino's loose narrative structure being let loose on TV might seem terrifying to some, but it could also be a wonderfully new way of going about making a show. Westerns have been successful on the smaller screen too - you only have to look at Deadwood as an example - and there's every reason to think that this could be a show that could see the distance. If all else fails, you would at least know that the soundtrack would be kick-ass.
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