6 Perfect Settings For The Next Star Wars Animated Shows

Could we see what Finn and Rey did next?


Star Wars Resistance, third in the canon of long-form Star Wars animated series, has now finished its final season. With the next animated project being Dave Filoni’s long awaited grand finale to Clone Wars due later this year, the future of Star Wars animation remains a question.

Yet with the animated shows having proven themselves to be the indispensable glue that binds the franchise together, there will be a future and must in fact be series currently in development.

The future of these series is however a subject shrouded in much speculation and rumor. Having gathered as much information as I can and done a bit of speculation myself, this list represents all possible settings for an upcoming Star Wars animated series.

6. The Old Republic Era


For years there has been much talk about the possibility of a Knights of The Old Republic film series, with fans having been vocal on and persistent in voicing their desire to see an adaptation. However the possibility also exists for an animated series set in ancient times. In fact recent rumors reported by Fandomwire suggest just such a show may be in development.

While these rumors do not say if the upcoming series will be animated there are several factors in favor of animation. Primarily, the medium offers a freer hand to fully explore this largely untapped era of Star Wars cannon in the grand scale that it deserves.

Live action shows like The Mandalorian may be ambitious but are ultimately limited by many practical factors. Not only needing to invest in actors, stunts and visual effects but also needing to make it all look believably real on an admittedly high but still limited TV budget.

But any series set in this ancient past is not required to specifically be Knights of The Old Republic. It’s very possible and indeed likely that they may reserve the adaptation of that specific period and story for the films and what we may see on TV could be something entirely different. After all, the Jedi Order has existed for many thousands of years and any point in their long history could be picked as a blank slate to explore freely and with few restrictions.

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