6 Podcasts Being Adapted To TV (And 5 More That Should Be)

Great stories making the leap from audio to audio-visual.

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For being essentially the golden age of radio retooled for the 21st century, podcasts have been enjoying a bit of a surge in mainstream heights and popularity. From dedicated podcast sites, to a number of titles going fully mainstream on apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, it's never been a better time to get into the podcast game.

A plethora of bold creatives have been taking on the podcast landscape for the past decade now, from interview-style talk shows to micro-documentaries to the ever-enduring scripted fiction series. More recently have streaming services and networks been taking notice, with a good few titles having been adapted for TV, or in the process of being made into TV series for the content-hungry viewer.

While there's already a good number of podcast-made-TV shows to check out, there are also a fair few titles that have made a big splash in the podcast world. They deserve to reach more audiences, with their stories or formats being perfect for broadcast in this ongoing golden age of television.


11. Adapted: Lore (Amazon Prime Video)


Lore is a masterful mix of folklore and history, where the series details the historical backgrounds of popular myths and folklore. It delves into the horror of real life as it relates to fiction, often pointing to specific moments and incidents recorded in history, and the TV series brings that horror to the streaming small screen, with Amazon Prime Video's adaptation of the podcast into a horror anthology.

Horror anthologies can be hit or miss, but the consensus for Lore seems to be that while the podcast is leagues better, the show does a good job picking great stories to put onscreen, with a narrated animated intro and dramatised rendition of certain tales bringing something fresh to streamer audiences.

It's like watching a TV documentary marry a scripted serial, and definitely keeps its audiences in rapt interest, with stories steeped in history.

Its successful enough run proves that adapting podcasts seems to be the next big thing in proof-of-concept-with-a-built-in-following becoming TV series or films. And Lore's ability to mix recorded history with stories that beggar belief, and with fairly well-received seasons before its 2019 cancellation, it's not hard to see many more titles follow in its footsteps.

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