6 Things Sleepy Hollow Got Right

Like you, I was a little apprehensive in wanting to watch the series premiere of Sleepy Hollow. I mean, how many times have we seen a possibly good show cancelled after 3 episodes? Thankfully, the show has been a bonafide hit where others have failed dismally in garnering enough viewers to remain on the air. It hit the ground running from the first episode. With its mix of classic storytelling, action, horror and fantasy, we get a show that both enthralls and leaves us itching for the next episode. But what is it that helped Crane, Mills and company defy the odds and be the hit it has become? Let's take a look at the things I believe the show's creators got right.

6. It Makes You Want to Look Up History Facts

The show is so smartly written, they have to let you know it. Did you know that during Paul Revere's famous ride, he actually yelled out, "The regulars are coming!" and not "The British are coming!"? As Ichabod so matter-of-factly stated, "At that time we were all British!" Fascinating history fact, but not everything is historically accurate. With every 'fact' that Ichabod throws out, I am wanting to see if any of it is true. You should see how fast I get to Googling while watching the show. Some were true (The Regulars) and some were pure flights of fiction to progress the story. Sounds convincing, though. So for every fact it gets right, there's something it gets wrong. But that's the beauty of it: it makes you try to look up history and learn something.

Shawn “Loc Da’Borg” Jackson is a native of Mississippi, born in Vicksburg and raised in Philadelphia in Neshoba County. At the age of 15 he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and, later into his early 20s, he became Profoundly Deaf. Writing has been one of the main staples of his life and he has dedicated a good portion of it to educate, entertain and enthrall with the written word.