6 Times Louis Theroux Put Himself In Danger To Get A Story

The most committed documentarian in the business...


Ever since he first hit TV screens, Louis Theroux has never shied away from a story.

From his early focus on quirky subcultures in America to his more recent work travelling the world investigating a series of more serious issues, Theroux has become something of a national treasure thanks to his ability to show his subjects in their most natural of routines.

What makes Theroux so talented as a presenter, particularly during his early days, is his willingness to participate in the thing that he is documenting in his shows. Couple that with his unassuming demeanour mixed with a penchant for asking tough questions in a non-confrontational manner have made Theroux the perfect candidate to provide an insight into a variety of topics through the years.

Sometimes though, Theroux has gone a little too far in the pursuit of a story and has been lucky not to have gotten burned as a result. With some of the situations he has found himself in during the making of his programmes the only real surprise is that Louis has managed to avoid any serious injuries during his storied career.


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