6 TV Shows Actors Wanted To Fail

Not every actor dreams of being at the centre of a rather successful TV show, you know...

Wednesday Addams

If you were to offer the average actor the chance to appear in a hugely successful TV hit that will see them getting paid well for seasons on end, all while being very much front and centre on a big network or streaming service, most would likely snap your hand off in next to no time at all.

In the case of the following stars of the small-screen, however, the phrase "too much of a good thing" can likely be applied, with many of these names feeling as though their particular shows got more attention than they'd have preferred in the end.

In most cases, the actors here simply felt it was time to move onto something new or didn't want to find themselves at the forefront of a monster TV smash that would change their lives forever. Yet, the majority of these television stars all learned the hard way just how important it is to read the fine print and try to imagine the big picture before committing to a potentially life-changing part.

So, from thespians being forced to stay in a small-screen role against their will, to Netflix superstars wishing their recent mega hit didn't quite reach as many folks as it did, these are those actors who were all very much hoping their TV show sank a little more than it ultimately swam.

6. David Duchovny Thought Five Years Of The X-Files Was Enough... Never Mind SEVEN

Wednesday Addams

David Duchovny appeared to be very much over all things Fox Mulder and The X-Files back in 2001, all but leaving it behind after his contract expired post-Season Seven.

The show would ultimately stretch on for another two seasons, however, with the Mulder star sporadically appearing during Season Eight and Nine. But if Duchovny's words are anything to go by, it appears as though the actor would have been happy if the demand for the show fizzled out around the time of Season Five.

As he noted at the time of his initial exit from the role and show, as much as he loved being a part of the series, he "always thought five years was enough." And going further, Duchovny would also add that "Seven years is definitely enough.”

Back in 2000, the star also cheekily stated whilst promoting a film he was starring in, "Have you seen the show the last two weeks? Man, we should stop. They’re getting pretty bad sometimes. It’s getting a little thin.”

Despite evidently not exactly rooting for the show to keep churning out material he classed as "pretty bad sometimes", though, the star would eventually make his Mulder comeback after a legal battle with Fox over his payment, appearing in The X-Files: I Want To Believe movie in 2008 before returning to the series for a tenth and eleventh season from 2016 onwards.


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