6 Ways Rick Grimes Could Leave The Walking Dead

Is Rick finally too far gone?


From the very first episode of The Walking Dead, protagonist Rick Grimes has battled zombies, taken on heinous antagonists, and fought for his life to survive the post-apocalyptic world that he lives in.

We've seen Rick suffer on many occasions, from losing his wife to watching his son succumb to a walker bite, and not to mention dealing with issues of his own humanity. No matter how bad things got for Rick, he never stopped fighting, but it appears that his days are now officially numbered.

Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead after Season 9, which means that Rick Grimes will no longer be on our screens. In fact, Lincoln will reportedly only appear in six episodes of the upcoming season, so we'll have to say goodbye to the show's main character sooner than we'd planned.

The Walking Dead has always been Rick's story, which is why Lincoln's departure is a hard pill to swallow. However, the one thing that the writers must now get right is the nature of his exit. So how, exactly, is Rick going to be written out of TWD?


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