7 Essential Ingredients For An Alan Partridge Themed Party

How to really put the 'Aha!' into your evening.


These days, themed parties are all the rage. From Gatsby to Harry Potter, giving your party a theme can make it stand out from all the other dull meet and greets. But, how to find a quirky and distinctive motif that will differentiate your event from all the passé period pieces and Potterfests? Meet Alan Gordon Partridge...

For the uninitiated, Alan Partridge is a failed broadcaster and bitter local radio host, for whom nothing seems to go right; a tragically uncool and buffoonish parody of a certain type of entertainment personality that we have all seen or heard. Since 1991, Steve Coogan's character has featured in 6 TV series, a film, two 'autobiographies' and, most recently, a return to a BBC1 primetime slot with 'This Time'. He has gained a cult following across the world and performed alongside such notable personalities as Elton John.

Alongside Alan there is a host of regular characters including his long-suffering Personal Assistant Lynn or Michael from Newcastle who works in Alan's local petrol station and is possibly his best friend. Together they journey through series of cringe-worthy moments and hilarious mistakes the attempt to resurrect Alan's career. But, anyway, if you're a fan you already know and, if you don't, we hope you feel inspired to turn your next bash into a Partridge Party.


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