7 Famous Movie Courtroom Scenes (And How They Are Wrong In Real Life)

7. Intolerable Cruelty (2003) - The Judge Wouldn't Allow It. Any Of It.

George Clooney plays a divorce attorney who is questioning a gold-digging wife, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

He spends his entire examination berating, belittling, and accusing the witness of improper character, and at each question is met with an objection from the other attorney. To each objection, the judge (played by Isabell O'Connor) responds, "I'll allow it." This becomes such an automatic response from the judge that after another of the opposing counsel's objection, Clooney yells, "Shut up, she's going to allow it!"

This entire sequence is to build to a scene where Clooney's client starts assaulting Catherine Zeta-Jones, who the audience (and the Judge by this time) have grown to despise. When Catherine Zeta's attorney objects, the Judge proclaims in a brief moment of comedy, "I'll allow it."

The problem is: a Judge wouldn't allow any of it. At all. Obviously the judge would never allow a crime to occur in her courtroom (you know, assault and battery), but the entire series of questions from Clooney to Catherine Zeta should have not been allowed.


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