7 Game Of Thrones Season 4 Moments We're Going To Replay Again And Again

Now the trailer has landed, we look forward to the season 4 moments that'll have you reaching for the rewind button.

With a new book still years away, the new season not starting 'til April and teasers of spin-off games and books only whetting our appetite, Game of Thrones fans are sure to sink their teeth deep into the new season when it does get here. The show is best known for it's bloody, cut-throat attitude and doesn't shy away from making changes to the books to keep their flow in check. That said there is no doubt there are going to be some incredibly satisfying moments in the new series that fans are going to be hitting the "instant replay" button for. I'm already imagining a flood of Game of Thrones gifs as we speak. So, while we're desperately flicking through the novels to see if there's a juicy page we might have missed and scanning the internet for another chapter from "Winds" George might have gifted us, let's look forward to those glorious moments. Needless to say, SPOILERS aplenty below.

7. Dragons

With Dany's course now in full swing and her army on the warpath against slavery, the dragons are sure to start playing a larger role. While they're still a far cry from "fully grown" they are certainly getting big enough to cause some satisfying damage. (Although it's worth noting that in older tales in Westeros dragons grew as big as their housing would allow and otherwise wouldn't stop growing!) As far as dragons are concerned we can be sure to be replaying more gouts of fire in the faces of our enemies, sweeping flights over the sprawling city of Astapor and even a little dragon defiance. Dany's conquest will be a hard one and as the dragons continue to become stronger her grip on them may begin to slip. We can look forward to a lot of dragon related destruction from the get go in the next season. What We're Likely To See: Lots of satisfying firey deaths.

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