7 Inappropriate Images On Kids TV

Tweenies Jimmy Savile It can't be much fun working for a kids TV network these days. Kids are more sophisticated and worldly than they have ever been so finding the right balance between what they find entertaining and what is actually suitable for them cannot be an easy task. Recently the UK channel CBeebies, which is aimed at pre-school children - was blasted by parents and the press alike when it decided to air an episode of popular show The Tweenies in which one character - an older gent in charge of kids - dressed up like shamed personality Jimmy Savile. Sure the programme had been filmed in 2001 way before Savile's fall from grace as an alleged child abuser but the argument was made that the episode should have been destroyed and never seen the light of day again. This was an almighty cock up for the BBC but in truth an oversight caused by human error. Over the years there have been loads of examples of inappropriate images appearing in kids TV shows, many that would easily go by unnoticed by a young audience but are glaringly obvious to any adult with half a brain. So, because we love to spot gaffs and because we've half a brain, here's our list of 7 infamous inappropriate images in the history of kids TV.

7. Naked Thundercats

Thundercats Jaga Remember the Thundercats? Of course you do. You probably also remember that they wore clothes right? Well not in the original movie 'Exodus'. In fact not only do the two small children - Wilykit and Wilykat - appear naked so does Panthro, Tygra and Cheetara! But at least Panthro remembered to wear his belt, eh? There's no real explanation to why they appear sans clothes especially after they managed to get dressed for the entire series but it's truly one of those moments where you realise as an adult that things were very very different when we were kids. Naked Thundercats would be the same as having Spongebob walk around with his 'junk out of the trunk', so-to-speak on modern kids TV.
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