7 Netflix Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

Seems like Iron Fist and Luke Cage have also been snapped by Thanos...


Netflix's unrivalled, undisputed dominance of the home entertainment market allows them to take big risks with their content, should they choose to do so.

With over 100 million paying customers each month, the service has a massive, Scrooge McDuck-esque bottomless pit of gold coins they can spend on superhero shows, comedy shows, drama shows, and everything else in-between. The bad thing is, this more open approach to content creation has one major downside: cancelling any of these shows will not diminish Netflix's success in the slightest.

In fact, the streaming giant could probably erase half of its original series and barely put a dent in those 100 million subscribers. As a result, Netflix has cancelled a lot of shows in the past, and while many of these received satisfying conclusions, went out on a high note, or just felt like they'd reached a natural ending point... some didn't.

Whether they were just plain good, had unresolved plotlines, or showed some promise that an additional season (or two) could have capitalised on, there are a bunch of Netflix shows whose cancellations feel bitterly disappointing, and they definitely ended far too soon.


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