7 Shocking TV Moments That Changed Everything

TV is at its best when it manages to surprise you. No one wants to get bored of a great TV show but if it fails to keep you on your toes and hooked to the screen, no matter how great it once was, there is only a number of more episodes you can take, hoping for a show to recapture the glory of it's early days, before you likely turn off the TV- or more appropriately for me, take the disk out of my laptop. But great TV shows know exactly what to do to keep the fire in your hearts for it burning. Moments that reignite your interest in a show to levels you never expected. Moments that manage to catch you completely off guard. Moments that make a good TV show a great TV show. I am not talking about easy cliffhangers or moments we have seen time and time again here, I'm talking about real show stoppers- plot twists you never saw coming or character realizations you thought would never work until they did. This list collects some of my favorite moments from some of my favorite shows that completely changed the way the story was headed or made my love for the show reach intense levels of depth. Every moment on this list had me talking nonstop about it for an entire week (until the next episode) and were powerful enough to still be fondly remembered to this day. I have a varied taste in great TV drama's stretching across vast genres, so there is bound to be a moment or two on this list that you will have fond memories of. If I have missed any of your personal favorites, know that this is only my 10, but I'd be fascinated to hear yours in the comments section (know also that this isn't a top 10 list, and has no specific order). Click "Next" to begin...

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