7 Terrifying Episodes Hidden In Unscary TV Shows

Unexpected armchair scares.

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TV horror has been on a hot streak over the past few years. Charlie Brooker has delivered slick sci-fi scares in Black Mirror, one of the finest ensembles in TV history has finely freaked us out in American Horror Story, and even historical and high-minded literary outings like Chernobyl, The Terror and Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor have delivered righteous chills.

All of the above have one downside in common, however: we know they’re gonna spook us. Horror thrives on the unknown and unexpected. Sitting down to a streaming session you know will include a haunted house or fanciful cannibal can dull the fine edge of fear.

No, the nastiest scares often lurk in otherwise innocuous fare. Here follows seven instances of true horror in TV nobody could have seen coming.

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