7 Things Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of In Seinfeld

An article about nothing?

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All great sitcoms face a similar fate once their final series has drawn to a close. The creators, writers and stars for years are bombarded by calls for the show to return in the form of a reunion episode.

Even whilst promoting their latest pet project stars are often interrogated about “when will we see Ross and Rachel together again?” etc. However, the reality would likely be Schrödinger’s show. The show has said what it had to say, the laughs have been had and to return would risk seeing the show die a slow and painful death. It is best not knowing what happens after the screen fades to darkness and the next advert confirms that it’s all over.

Whilst the current generation may see Friends as the go-to casual American sitcom, Seinfeld, “the show about nothing”, has garnered more demand for such reincarnations than almost any other sitcom. Perhaps Seinfelds' poorly received ending is accountable for the demand, however the journey or end goal was never the point in Seinfeld - it was the laughs along the way.

The characters never learnt anything, are morally incognizant and the show doesn’t tie anything up in a neat bow. Therefore, the incessant clambering for a reunion, or god forbid a film seems to want answers to a show that wasn’t asking any questions.

So, despite little prospect of a reboot, fans still have a surfeit of Seinfeld content to enjoy, with 9 seasons of old school comedy gold at their fingertips. But what is it fans loved so much about this 90s comedy juggernaut?

In Jerry Seinfeld’s own whiny and exasperated tone…..”What’s the deal with Seinfeld?”

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