7 TV Shows That Taught Us Something Incredibly Violent

Let's waste no time and learn how to become a Walter White for the real world.

There are many things we can learn from watching television, despite what your parents may tell you. Children's television shows, and most other television shows, are filled to the brim with moral messages and interesting facts, as well as basically any life lesson that you'll need somewhere along the way. However, once in a while we learn something that probably should have been left in the more dangerous areas of Detroit for Robocop to deal with. It's actually pretty astonishing how acceptable this is and how easily it can get past the censor without even a single raised eyebrow. From TV, we can learn how to make friends, how to find love and, most importantly, how to transform a lightbulb into an explosive. Let's waste no time and learn how to become a Walter White for the real world.

Honourable Mention: Top Gear

What It Taught Us: How to hotwire a car. Okay, let's ease into this list with a bit of a cheat. What happened on this show isn't necessarily violent, but it is without a doubt grand theft auto. Not that you can consider a Vauxhall Nova particularly "grand". Essentially, main host Jeremy Clarkson showed the exact way to steal a Vauxhall Nova without having to go through all of those complicated wires and twist them together like they do in the movies. How is it done? He took the hazard lights switch, took it out, and put it back in the other way round, causing the car to start. All you need after that is a couple of friends to help you push start it, Little Miss Sunshine style, and you're good to go! Click "next" to get to the more violent stuff!

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