8 Actors Who Regretted Quitting Popular TV Shows

7. Katherine Heigl - Grey's Anatomy

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Kathering Heigl is notoriously a struggle to work with, but her most outrageous stint probably came as part of what would be known as her exit campaign from Grey's Anatomy.

In 2008, Heigl refused to submit herself for Emmy consideration, feeling that the story she'd been given that season wasn't good enough for awards. Heigl had already won that same award the year prior. She left the show in 2010 after failing to show up for filming. This isn't the only high profile time Heigl has trashed her projects, as she famously slammed her 2007 film Knocked Up - events that Seth Rogen has expressed betrayal towards as recently as 2016.

Shonda Rhimes released Heigl from her contract immediately after she failed to show up to set, but Heigl claimed the main reason for her departure was to spend more time with her family. She stated in 2016 that she had apologised to Shonda Rhimes for her behaviour and regret her actions, wishing she had "just shut up".

Since leaving the show, Heigl's career has nosedived. She's rarely seen out of critically panned rom-coms, and has certainly not come close to another Emmy.


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