8 Actors Who SAVED Their Careers By Turning Down TV Roles

Not being there for you turned out to be a good call for Jon Favreau after all...

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Never underestimate the power of "no", folks.

Though it may be tempting at times to simply take what is given to you or double-down on an endeavour that you're not fully invested in for the sake of that glorious dollar, sometimes turning down an incoming opportunity can bring with it the sort of positives that can lead to far greater things going forward.

Look no further than the following collection of talented folks who found themselves being presented with the chance to take on certain small-screen roles and projects that either paid extremely well or offered up a decent amount of exposure for a spell, only to decide that there were either other roles that were better suited to them at the time or that committing to a long-running show simply wasn't for them.

Had these actors not had the courage to say "no" when these particular roles were sent their way, would they be as popular or successful as they are now? Possibly not.

So, from everyone's favourite New Girl feeling there were bigger things to pursue than life in an Office, to one of the galaxy's greatest creators dodging an iconic sitcom part to pursue other roles and opportunities, these are those actors who went on to greatness after turning down certain TV jobs.

8. Johnny Galecki Was Tired Of Playing The Best Friend, So Turned Down Sheldon

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In what turned out to be something of crossroads moment for the soon-to-be Big Bang Theory superstar, Johnny Galecki found himself being offered the chance to step into the role of none other than Sheldon Cooper early into production on the then-incoming series many moons ago.

But after spending an age being "cast as the best friend or the gay assistant", as he told Variety, the actor known for his work in the likes of Roseanne and many a small movie role up to that point decided he wanted to play the guy "who seems to have a future of romantic triumphs and difficulties."

Sure enough, Galecki soon wound up making the part of Leonard Hofstadter his own, with Jim Parsons brilliantly stepping into the instantly iconic Sheldon part instead. And Emmy and Golden Globe awards and nominations would ultimately head Parsons and Galecki's way, respectively, over the course of the show's eventual 12-year run on the small-screen.

Had Galecki not opted to say "no" to the idea of going full Cooper, though, would both stars have gone on to become household names? And would Johnny in particular still find himself being pigeonholed into romance-less roles for the foreseeable?

Thankfully he did and the rest was Big Bang history.

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