8 Best Community Minor Characters (And Where They Are Now)

The side characters who don't get enough praise for bringing Greendale to life.


With all six seasons (but no movie) of Community back on Netflix, it's the perfect time to watch or rewatch the cult-classic show that helped launch the careers of numerous household name, like the Russo Brothers, Dan Harmon and Donald Glover.

But what about the smaller players? The ones who sit in the background waiting for their time to shine? Don't they deserve some attention too?

Such is the quality of the writing and performances on Community that even the slightest characters can leave a mark and you'll often find yourself wondering what became of them long after their bit-parts are over.

Well, wonder no more...


8. (Fat) Neil


Fat Neil was the center-piece of the fan favourite episode Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, in which the group tries to cheer him up after hearing he’s contemplating suicide.

We see him grow and overcome his insecurities with the help of the group over the course of the episodes, resulting in one of its most heartfelt moments. He even gets a new name; Real Neil with Pipes of Steel.

These days, Charley Koontz, who plays Neil, has appeared in guest roles in various shows. From This Is Us to Modern Family, you shouldn’t be surprised if he pops up on your TV as you flick through the channels.

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