8 Best High-Fantasy TV Shows

Game of Thrones is not the only fantasy show you should have watched.


The term high-fantasy is used to describe a story explicitly located in a world that is entirely separated from ours, wholly different to our own. These wonderful worlds contain fantastical elements, functioning in ways that totally contradict the logic and rules of our existence, often featuring magic and monsters that help to solidify the idea that the setting is entirely a stranger to us.

This genre is one that does not often receive visits on the small screen. It's a popular form of storytelling in most mediums, but due to its requirements, it's not often that TV shows based entirely in fantasy worlds exist. This isn't exactly surprising, as the budget required to create worlds like these needs to be extensive, and the viewer demand consistently high.

With the new Lord of the Rings series promised to appear at some point, there is still clearly an audience that craves this form of story. Now seems like a great time to look back and examine what some of the best examples of high fantasy have been in the world of the small screen.


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