8 Better TV Series That Were Secretly Hidden In Shows

Everyone wants to see a TV series dedicated to THAT Obi-Wan Kenobi flashback, right?

Better Call Saul Gus Fring

While the timeless adage of "leave them wanting more" can sometimes help keep a TV series from overstaying its welcome and ultimately disappointing by the time it reaches its anti-climactic conclusion, sometimes the teasing of a potentially far more exciting tale altogether can actually leave audiences wondering why in the hell said direction wasn't committed to for an entire show in the first place.

Now sure, to claim that some of the following television entries were outright terrible is far from the truth, with a number even taking their place as some of the most successful and acclaimed pieces of long-form storytelling ever to wander onto the small-screen.

But you'd be lying if you said that the following hints and nods towards certain compelling stories just waiting to be told didn't excite you more than the idea of sticking to the TV path that had already been committed to.

From mouthwatering flashbacks hinting at a wholly satisfying tale set in a galaxy far, far away, to many a cameo making you wonder why said characters weren't being given the spotlight instead, these are those far more intriguing TV shows that were hiding in plain sight in the thick of certain small-screen outings.

8. Jimmy Woo And Darcy Lewis Are On The Case - WandaVision

Better Call Saul Gus Fring
Marvel Studios

Though it already seems as though Marvel Studios have committed to spinning off one specific and rather intriguing tale that was somewhat teased over the course of Disney+'s WandaVision, that being an Agatha Harkness-led series by the name of Coven of Chaos, there was actually another compelling concept flaunted throughout Marvel Studio's first Disney show that many were left unexpectedly clamouring for.

Forming the most unlikely of partnerships over the course of the surreal comedy drama series, Ant-Man's Jimmy Woo and Thor's Darcy Lewis joining forces to crack the case of Wanda Maximoff and whatever the hell was going down in Westview set the stage for what could no doubt be the small-screen gift that keeps on giving.

As already pitched by Teen Wolf actor Stephen Ford around the time the show arrived on the scene last year, the idea of Jimmy Woo trying to unpack some of the most bizarre cases the MCU has to offer, alongside partner Dr. Lewis, could make for Marvel Studios' own brilliant answer to The X Files.

And with Kat Dennings herself noting that she'd hop into a Lewis/Woo spin-off "in a heartbeat", there's every chance the unanticipated highlights of WandaVision could actually make this dream a reality.

A certain Scarlet Witch would be proud....

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