8 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About Famous TV Shows

Is Breaking Bad actually a prequel to The Walking Dead?


It seems as a society, humans just can't get enough of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories permeate all forms of entertainment, from music to film to video games. Some of the most interesting conspiracy theories, however, are linked to television shows.

For some reason, theorists love injecting darkness into what is regularly regarded as totally innocent television. What this says about human nature it's hard to say, but it's undoubtedly a fascinating trend.

But not all conspiracy theories come from this angle. There are those that try and connect the worlds of different shows, those that play with context and even those that speculate on televisual happenings in the real world, like the specific reasons for a show's cancellation.

So whether you want to know why Firefly was really cancelled or what ties together Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, this list will take you through some seriously bizarre (and sometimes quite convincing) conspiracy theories about famous TV shows.


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