8 Cancelled TV Shows That Should Return Through Netflix

Carnivale1 It's always devastating when a great television show gets cancelled or it just ends up ending prematurely. It leaves too many questions unanswered and I always find myself pondering about what could have been. Arrested Development was one of these shows. Way ahead of its time, AD held a certain sense of humor that can never be matched. It was cancelled and then it gained so much in popularity that Netflix picked it back up and it had a second chance. Even though the Netflix season of AD was a bit lackluster, you definitely get a feel that they are trying to set something up and I appreciate that; Perhaps a movie. Let's go through eight shows that were cut short and should be given a second wind in the vein of Arrested Development. NOTE: Article contains some spoilers; read at own risk!

8. Heroes

HEROES SERIES 3 There were a few moments where I debated even putting this show on this list because I wasn't positive it deserved to be continued. Sure the first season was incredible, second was okay, but those third and fourth seasons were disastrous. So disastrous that one could make the argument that it should stay a dead show as to not mess it up anymore than it already is. Then again, there is definitely something inside of me that would love to see this show live on and redeem itself. Perhaps it would be good to give it just one last, final season, you know, to tie up everything they left open.

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