8 Creepiest Twin Peaks Moments

Return to the Black Lodge and relive your darkest fears!


David Lynch. He's a bit like marmite. Some love his terrifying cinematography, and the rest can't stand his agoraphobia-inducing shots and surreal dialogue.

From Eraserhead to Mulholland Drive the director is known for his inexplicable contributions to media. Stories and scenes that burn their way into your memory not with cheap tactics, but with shocking themes and psychological trickery.

For those who made it past the first episode of his cult series Twin Peaks, you'll know how much it subverted typical programming in the 90s, lampooning the serials of the day with its cliched characters, designed to draw you in as they find themselves caught in an increasingly absurd mystery.

The story of Laura Palmer unravelled before our eyes, with each twist and turn providing terrifying moments that have stuck with fans to this day, with the series cult following going near unmatched for decades.

Fans will remember the endearing characters like Agent Cooper and his love for Coffee, but also the exploits of the nefarious villains lurking in the Washington woods.

Following the recent return of the series, here's a list of clips from Twin Peaks' initial two-series run that provided the most Nightmare Fuel.

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