8 Current TV Shows That Don't Treat Audiences Like Idiots

1. Hannibal

Hannibal is one of those rare shows where not a single moment is wasted. Phenomenal acting, gripping twists and turns and an intelligent approach to this well-known story; it is easily the most absorbing - and disturbing - drama on television. A big theme running through this article is the intelligent approach to the debate of good versus evil and Hannibal does it better than anyone else. You might support Will and Jack in their search for the truth but Hannibal really is a show where you want the villain to succeed. Not to mention the amazing looking food he prepares - can you honestly say you've not wanted to eat everything on the menu, even knowing the content? It asks some strong questions of ourselves as viewers. It is also a show that credits you with intelligence at every step. The dialogue demands you understand the world these characters live in. The deductions made by Will and the FBI feel natural and their conversations don't state the obvious at every turn. You are expected to keep up. In Will's court case in season two, the discussion of his possible Aspergers came up. Unlike most shows, it was referred to simply as 'the scale', just as it would in the professional world. Another example of Hannibal expecting you to have a understanding of the psychological discussions in play. In fact, one of the reasons that the show doesn't do as well in the ratings is down to the fact that there is so much depth within the scripts that larger audiences may struggle with the content. Throw in the stunning cinematography, gripping performances and jaw dropping performances and Hannibal remains the most riveting show currently on television. And here we conclude our study of some of the most intelligent, captivating shows currently available. Show that don't treat us like idiots. They may not get the viewing figures we would all like, they be too niche for mainstream audiences, but their loss is our gain.Do you agree? Are there other shows worthy of consideration? Please feel free to add your comments below...
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