8 Fan-Service TV Episodes Everyone Hated

7. Glee - Previously Unaired Christmas

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Over time Glee became known for its off the wall storylines and few weird, occasionally offensive episodes.

It seems that one of the most hated episodes of all time is Previously Unaired Christmas. Whilst fans generally weren’t too crazy about season 5, this particular episode was met with nothing but disdain.

It performed poorly in ratings and many people criticised it for its sometimes inappropriate performances and renditions of songs. Every show is allowed the occasional flop episode, but what makes this one particularly heinous is that they really thought they were doing something with it!

The whole thing is meant to appeal to the fans’ love of the tongue-in-cheek approach, opening the episode with an address from Jane Lynch claiming that Fox buried the episode before because it was too offensive.

Time and again the episode shoots for fan-loved tropes but misses the mark. The performances are unlikeable, the characters motivations are forced and what is meant to be comedic sometimes just comes across as plain insulting.

After season 2’s Christmas special had that ending moment with Artie’s legs, we thought nothing could be worse. Somehow, though, Glee always managed to do worse.

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