8 Hidden Clues You Never Noticed In Famous TV Shows

The answer was staring you right in the face all along...

There's nothing more satisfying than a clever bit of foreshadowing. Of course, these are clues that tend to be more obvious on repeat viewings, but nevertheless they're placed there by television writers in order to reward the eagle-eyed viewer, to tease plot resolutions and sometimes just to blatantly wave answers in fans faces, right where they can't perceive them. Films are known for doing this all of the time, largely because once you're in the cinema or have started watching a movie, you aren't going to pause a scene to analyse it, or have enough time to really consider the depth of what you're seeing. Clues in television, on the other hand, are completely different. Often they're a lot subtler, owing to the fact viewers have time to discuss and analyse between episodes. In this way they're immensely more clever, and wildly more satisfying. So from American Horror Story: Coven giving away its biggest mystery in the first ten seconds to Futurama waiting four seasons to reveal a fascinating plot detail, here are some of the most interesting hidden clues you never noticed in famous television shows.
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