8 Horror TV Shows Where Everyone Dies In The End

Just when you thought they could make it, they start dropping like flies!

Dead Set
Channel 4

Since TV shows have a longer life span than movies, it can be much easier for the audience to get attached to the main cast. You spend a lot of time learning about their lives, their motives, and just in general, their unique personalities. This is why, when the show comes to its inevitable end, you want to see your favorite characters succeed and achieve a happy ending.

Well, when it comes to horror shows, happy endings are already a pretty rare commodity, and even if some of the characters manage to survive long enough to get one, there are still going to be some unfortunate victims along the way, whose deaths will surely tug at your heart strings.

Losing one of your favorites to the monster or psychopath chasing them can already be too much to handle, but what if I told you that there are horror shows which manage to kill ALL of the characters by the end of their finales? These endings hit especially hard, and can leave the average viewer broken and empty, or just utterly disappointed. In either case, be prepared to become an emotional wreck after watching the following shows.

8. Dead Set

Dead Set
Channel 4

If you were told there was a zombie TV series taking place on the set of Big Brother without knowing about Dead Set, you would probably think it was some sort of dark comedy, in a similar vein to Shaun of the Dead, right?

Well, as it turns out, Dead Set is not only super intense, it's also incredibly depressing. The show was always full of brutal and nerve-racking encounters with the undead, but the series finale managed to crank its levels of brutality to the absolute maximum.

The series ends with the mansion being overrun by the zombie horde, which kills every single character you've grown to love and care for over the course of the show, one by one. The scene where hero Kelly convinces Space to let her out of the diary room, hoping to make a run for it, only so she can get immediately swarmed by the horde, is so shockingly bleak. It goes to show you how hopeless their fight for survival was from the very beginning.

And, to add more salt to your tears, the final shot of the episode shows zombie Space and Kelly looking at each other through the camera.


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