8 Most Obscure Game Of Thrones Theories

Baelish's son, Cersei is a White Walker Queen, and Jon Snow has a twin?

Every great TV series needs to be brain-teasing, but the very best shows will forcefully scoop out your brain, and blow it up. Game of Thrones falls under the latter category. The fact that the show is based on George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire book series means that fans have spent literal decades refining their theories down to the letter, carving out any contentious aspects and essentially finishing off the books for the author well ahead of schedule. In a show that contains fire-breathing teenage dragons, dead-raising ice demons, and immeasurable oceans of blood, guts and gore, it's easy to see how fan theories can be completely off-the-wall, utterly ludicrous, yet can still be moulded to actually fit the storyline. Westeros (and beyond) is a political minefield to say the very least, with death and corruption around every corner. You've got babies with unknown parents, shape-changing assassins worming their way into the world, and even some teeny, tiny hints at a good old spot of time-travel. We've all heard the main theories surrounding the show, but what about the more obscure scenarios that may yet play out on our screens? This is Game of Thrones, and that means ANYTHING is possible... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFzOvDHou-Y
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