8 Obscure Sci-Fi TV Classics You Need To Watch Right Now

7. Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons - 1967

The prisoner 1967
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The sequel to Gerry Anderson's wildly popular and influential Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons sees the Earth at war with a mysterious Martian foe who we never actually see on screen.

Most of the show follows the adventures of the titular Captain Scarlet, who due to an incident in episode one with the Mysterons becomes indestructible. Aside from the gorgeous model work and set design present in all Gerry Anderson shows, Captain Scarlet is much darker in tone than any of its predecessors, with the opening of each episode showcasing the new Mysteron threat set to destroy the world, thanks to their special earth agent, Captain Black.

Over the course of thirty-two episodes set across earth and the moon, Captain Scarlet and the Spectrum organisation, headed up by Colonel White, must stop the assassination of presidents and world leaders along with the destruction of nuclear power plants and military bases.

Captain Scarlet's invincibility and never seeing the enemy on screen are both a help an hinderance to the show. On the one hand, even in the episode where Scarlet and company infiltrate a Mysteron base on the moon, the sense of suspense is incredibly high as we still have no idea what the enemy looks like, despite being in their environment.

On the other hand, it means no matter what happens, we know Scarlet will always come out the other end unharmed.

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